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YouTube Vanced MOD APK v19.08.34 (Remove AD/BG Play)

YouTube Vanced mod APK offers premium YouTube features for free, like ad-free viewing.

YouTube Vanced APK

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Youtube Vanced + Micro G Apk (Ad-Free, Background Play): Download link of the Youtube Vanced APK is given below. You can download Youtube Premium APK from there. After doing a lot of research and on people’s Demand, today we have brought another version of Youtube MOD with you, Whose name is Youtube Vanced. Earlier, we shared this version of OGYoutube APK and Youtube MOD APK, which almost everyone likes. You liked the YoutubeGo APK we shared and appreciated us in the Comment Box. For that, we are thankful to you. Keep the same love in the future, and keep downloading Premium Apps uploaded by us.

The best means of entertainment is watching online videos or playing games, Which are increasing daily. As the number of users watching videos on the Internet is increasing. Similarly, Video Streaming Websites are also growing. But no Free Video Streaming Site is better than Youtube. Like Youtube, many websites such as Facebook and Instagram allow free videos to watch. But due to too many ads, users become irritated by them. With this solution, today we have brought you to download Youtube Vanced APK. So let’s see what Youtube Vanced is. And also know about its features.

Youtube Vanced APK

Vance is a fork of the old and bloated YouTube app. The most popular feature of this app is that it can block ads and videos from auto-playing, which makes it a lot more user-friendly. It also includes background playback, video download, and more features that will improve your YouTube experience.

Youtube Vanced APK

Youtube Original App is called Youtube Vanced APK. Those features of Youtube will be used for free, and those are available after purchasing Youtube Premium Membership. Such as Background Play, No Ads, pop windows, Dark Mode, etc. There are many more features in Youtube Vanced APK, which you will not find in the Original Youtube. The best part is that you do not have to see ads frequently and do not even have to keep open the YouTube App.

You can use other apps with youtube vanced by playing videos or YouTube music, and your music will also play. In Youtube Vanced APK 2022, you will get all the features of Youtube Premium APK Which are less talked about. So we have written an entire section for this. You can read them and understand the features of the Youtube MOD APK. But before that, we get to know about Youtube.

What is Youtube Vanced APK

Before I tell you about Youtube Vanced APK, I would like to explain a little bit about Youtube Original. So that you can easily understand what is Youtube Vanced MOD. Well, Youtube does not need an introduction. It is a worldwide popular video streaming site. Where crores of videos are available to watch. Billions of people watch videos daily on YouTube and pass their time. The same millions of people also earn millions of dollars by becoming Creators on YouTube. Videos are available for viewing in almost every language on YouTube.

Youtube provides its service in all countries except China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, etc. Because all these countries have blocked access to Youtube, research revealed that more than 1 billion people visit Youtube daily. And all users spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on YouTube. Let me tell you that PayPal’s 3 employees, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, created Youtube in 2005. Later, in 2006, Google purchased it for 1.5 billion US dollars.

Although much is to be talked about on Youtube, I hope you have learned so much about Youtube from this information that you would not have read anywhere.

Features of Youtube Vanced Apk

As you know, Youtube Vanced is a modified version of Youtube. Therefore, all such features have been kept unlocked in it. To use them, Youtube has launched Premium Plans. But all those Paid features have been provided by Developers for free in this Youtube Vanced MOD APK. Let’s know what those features are. I hope after reading them, you will say what a fantastic app.

Ads Free

Ads Free

Youtube is less praised. But Youtube’s Original App also has many drawbacks. The worst thing is the appearance of ads in the middle of YouTube videos. Which almost does not like by Millions of Users of Youtube. Keeping this in mind, the Youtube Vanced App has been created. If you are also troubled by Unnecessary Ads, then Solution has come for you. Because all the ads in this app are blocked, you can now watch anything on YouTube without ads.

Zoom in & out of videos

Zoom in & out of videos

Suppose you want to watch any video by zooming in or reducing the zoom. You can do this with the help of Youtube Vanced. Let me tell you. This is a fantastic feature you do not find in the original version of YouTube.

Background Play

Background Play

The biggest reason to download Youtube Vanced APK is the features of watching Ads Free Videos and playing videos in the background. We can say this. If these features were not there in this app, then this app would not be so popular today. The Background Play feature is fantastic. Because you can do any work on your mobile phone by playing any video in the background without interruption, this feature is only available in Premium Youtube Plan.

Change Theme (Black/Dark/Pink/Red)

Change Theme

Are you bored seeing the background color of the Original App on Youtube? If yes, this feature will be very pleasing because multiple background colors are given in Youtube vanced. With the help of this, you can change the background color of your Youtube Vanced APK. With this feature, your app will look more attractive.

No Root Needed

Suppose you don’t have a Rooted Android Phone. You can still download this application, as Youtube Vanced APK has also been modified for Unrooted devices. In many cases, issues arise due to rooting mobile. Given this, this app can be downloaded and installed on a non-rooted device.

Multiple Youtube App

Multiple Youtube App

The unique thing about this app is that you can use the original YouTube app along with this app. I have also downloaded both apps on my phone. And both are working very well. You must keep downloading the latest Youtube Vanced from here to enjoy all the latest videos.

Offline Mode

Youtube Vanced App Allows its users to watch videos without an internet connection. Yes, you heard right. If you have downloaded your favorite videos, you do not need to spend your data watching the same videos again. These features will help you entertain when you are in a place where the internet connection is unavailable.

Dark Mode

Youtube Vanced is an excellent YouTube app that is faster and lighter and has some features that the official YouTube app lacks. For example, it has proper AMOLED dark mode to reduce battery and eye strain.

Auto Repeat

Youtube Vanced is a LITE version of the original Youtube app with some extra features. It works in offline mode, supports PiP, and has no ads. With Youtube Vanced, users can now control brightness and volume with a swipe. This app is similar to other video players, such as MX Player, by providing configurable padding. It has no advertisements, links to external websites or purchases, and can download videos for offline viewing.

Vanced Music

Youtube Vanced is an app for Android devices. It is only available on the Google Play Store. It has all the features of the regular YouTube app but with minor exceptions. One exception is that it also includes its music app. This means you can listen to music while browsing videos, which can make you forget about ads altogether.

Some Other Youtube Vanved APK Features

  • New Dynamic Player
  • Swipe Control for Volume
  • Swipe Control for Brightness
  • Change the speed & resolution of the videos.
  • Auto-replay function.

How To Install Youtube Vanced App For Android

Installing Youtube Vanced APK is very easy, yet many people download it but get stuck using it. So today, I am explaining all steps below so that you can use YouTube Vanced MOD Install and use it on your Android Phone very easily.

Important – Enable Unknown Source from your android phone settings before following the steps below.

Step 1- Click on the download button given below. This button will send you to the download page.

Step 2 – On the download page, you will see a direct download link of Youtube Vanced APK and MicroG; download both files.

In a few minutes, your downloading will be finished.

Step 3 – Go to File manager and check the downloaded Youtube Vanced file. Tap on that File to install Youtube Vanced.

Step 4 – Now, also install MicroG on your phone.

That’s it. Check your phone’s screen to see an icon for youtube vanced App 2020. tap on that to use.

Remember – You can not install the downloaded File until you enable an unknown source.

Youtube Vanced APK FAQs

Anyone who wants to download the MOD Version of Youtube or has downloaded it. Questions related to Youtube Vaned APK are definitely on their mind. And we consider it our duty to answer those questions. So this FAQ section has been added. By the way, we have responded to the questions that have been asked the most. But if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask us with the help of the comment section.

Is it safe to use YouTube vanced?

Yes, Youtube Vanced APK is 100% safe to use. We do not upload any unsafe mod app. so that you can download any application from DivyaMODAPK.

Does YouTube vanced still work?

If you download YT Vanced APK from DivyaMODAPK, you will get a working app.

How do I run a YouTube vanced?

To use Youtube Vanced APK, you need to download and install it from above.

What does YouTube vanced do?

Youtube Vanced is a fantastic app that will help you to watch videos in the background, and you can also watch videos on half screen. Apart from this, you can also download unlimited videos in your phone directly.

Does YouTube vanced need root?

You do not need a rooted device. You can install this app on both rooted and non-rooted android phones.

Download Youtube Vanced APK (Remove AD/BG Play)

You explained everything about Youtube Vanced APK. I hope you like this post on Youtube, Vanced. You can use the comment section to tell us your feedback about this post. If you are facing any issues while downloading YT Vanced APK, you can also write down your words in the comment box.

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