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World of Airports MOD APK v2.2.3 (All Airports, Planes Unlocked)

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App Name World of Airports
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MOD Info All Airports, Planes Unlocked

World of Airports is a simulation game where you can become an air traffic controller at busy airports and handle many different aircraft. You must keep all the planes and helicopters in the sky safe and ensure they don’t crash into each other or any buildings on the ground. You can also upgrade your staff members and expand airport facilities with new terminals and runways. The game has a very funny, easy-to-use interface and great graphics. You can choose between different airports and control them inaccessible mode or play one of the many available missions.

World of Airports

About World of Airports Apk

World of Airports Apk is a simulation game that lets you build and manage your airport. The game’s primary goal is to manage airplanes and passengers so that they can safely land in your airport without any issues. You can also upgrade your airport by purchasing new planes, hiring employees, upgrading facilities such as runways and terminals, etc. There are 90 levels total, with 6 regions available for unlocking through gameplay achievements. The graphics are very detailed, making playing this game more attractive than other similar games today! Plus, it supports different languages, so anyone from around the globe can enjoy playing it!

Features of World of Airports MOD APK

You need to keep the flow of flights running smoothly, handle all kinds of planes, and ensure that they are adequately parked at the right place. In addition, there are many more things you should take care of – from managing the staff at your airport to keeping it clean and tidy for passengers. The game provides an immense amount of content for its players: more than 30 airplanes, dozens of upgrades for each one, and new airports with unique features like a giant Ferris wheel or roller coaster rides! As if that weren’t enough already, World Of Airports also offers achievements that unlock special events such as fireworks displays and even snowfall!

World of Airports

Become an air traffic controller

Air traffic control is one of the world’s most challenging and exciting jobs. As an Air Traffic Controller, you ensure that all aircraft operating within your area are safe and follow air traffic control rules. You will also have to ensure that no collisions occur between aircraft, so it’s essential that you can keep track of everything at once! You will have access to many tools that allow you to view live flight information from anywhere on earth or even outer space! These include radar systems, weather maps, flight plans, and more – but there’s no need to worry if this sounds too complicated because we’ve designed our game so anyone can use it easily.

Handle other players’ aircraft

Here, you may sometimes discover yourself in a situation where you are forced to handle other players’ aircraft. This can be difficult, but some tips and tricks will help you get through this ordeal. First, you must understand how the game handles aircraft from other players. In general, the game will try to keep your plane away from other players’ aircraft by keeping them at least one tile apart. However, if there are no loose tiles between your two jets and they collide with each other (or an obstacle), one or both of them will be destroyed and sent back to base as per usual rules.

World of Airports

Detailed airport traffic simulation

You can control your aircraft, other players’ aircraft, or even AI-controlled aircraft. You’ll have to fly through some pretty tight spaces for this one, but it’s a great way to get some practice if you’re looking to become a real-life pilot. You’ll have to fly through some pretty tight spaces for this one, but it’s a great way to get some practice if you’re looking to become a real-life pilot.

Upgrade your staff and the airport

As the airport grows, you’ll need to upgrade the staff. The first thing you can do is upgrade your security team. This will allow them to handle more daily flights, increasing the amount of money each flight generates. The preceding step would be to increase the airport’s runway size to accommodate more planes at once. Increasing this statistic will decrease how long flights spend waiting for their turn on the runway and thus increase their overall profitability per trip.

World of Airports

Beat achievements to see special events

Achieving achievements is the best way to keep track of your progress in the game. There are over 200 achievements that can be gained by completing tasks throughout the airport and other areas, such as meeting challenges or buying items. You can view all of these achievements in the Achievements section of World of Airports Apk’s main menu.

Unlock new airports and airplane

Travel the world with over 50 airplanes you can unlock by earning coins. Collect your favorite planes, customize them, and use them for a quick flight anywhere in the world! Earn cash by flying, completing missions, and discovering new locations. Use your coins to unlock new airplanes, upgrade existing ones, and purchase new airports worldwide. The game includes many planes, including jumbo jets and single-engine aircraft. You can also choose from over 500 airports around the world. You can even fly in real-time weather conditions, including wind and rainstorms!

World of Airports

3D Realistic Graphics

This game’s 3D graphics and realistic sound effects make you feel like you’re sitting on the runway! Actual weather conditions, flight physics, airport traffic, and more features will excite your heart as you wait for takeoff. You can even fly in real-time weather conditions, including wind and rainstorms. You can also choose from over 500 airports around the world.


As you can see, World of Airports is more than just a game you can play in your free time. It’s an exciting way to spend time when you want something different from the usual casual games on mobile platforms. We recommend you try this game out if you haven’t already! If you want even more revenue from each flight, consider upgrading your terminal and its control tower so that it has room for more gates and allows planes to disembark quicker than before when they land at your facility.

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